Fly Fishing

    The Adirondacks are beloved by fly fishermen for its countless spectacular streams and rivers, and the wild, remote waterways around Lake Kora are known as the best of these: rare, pristine, protected ecosystems chock full of smallmouth bass and native brook trout.

    Back in the turn of the last century and through the 1950’s, Great Adirondack Guides like Alvah Dunning, Seth Pierce, & Pete Tromblee were based out of the Raquette Lake area where fishing was known to be the best, and still is.

    Today, Lake Kora’s expert, companionable guide Jordan Ross has a deep understanding of just where, when and what the fish are biting – and the best way to get there. Hike to a beaver meadow and fish the riffles and runs with a dry fly, paddle across the lake to cast a line in the tributaries. Victory is invariably wet, but sweet. Hold one of these wild beauties in your hand for a minute, before releasing it in the water. When it is time for dinner, you’ll have a story to tell, and – if you remembered your camera – the picture to prove it.