Dining - Adirondack Fare

Meals are joyous events at Lake Kora. The clarified air and days passed in happy, vigorous play makes everyone hungry, and the renowned local gourmet chef provides fresh, delicious Adirondack fare aplenty: local produce, meats and fish, homemade breads, wild greens and berries come together in nourishing, flavorful abundance.

With togetherness as one of the most beloved advantages of a visit to Lake Kora, meals are served family style, most often at the 20-foot table by the great fireplace in the main dining room. However, you are not limited to this dining space and may choose to enjoy a picnic lunch on a sunny mountaintop or on the deck of the Boathouse, a lakeside barbecue on the lawn, or a casual dinner in the Playhouse. Should the evening turn chilly, a bonfire – along with all of the fixings to make old-fashioned s’mores – may await you at the lean-to’s down by the lake.